Commercial Kitchen Equipment & Supplies

The kitchen is the essence of a restaurant. It sets the tone for everything, from setting up efficient workflows to efficient operation, and everything that elevates the customers' experience....

Commercial kitchen equipment includes anything used to prepare, cook, steam, fry and preserve your food. Whether you’re looking to set up a restaurant, school cafeteria, or any food-related business, we have a full assortment of the best brands and products in commercial kitchen equipment to meet your foodservice operation's needs.

From chef uniforms to ovens and fryers that can be used to cook your food to ware-washing equipment that help keep your kitchen wares neat all times, food displays for displaying your products, and you can also find cold restaurant equipment like refrigerators and beverage machines in our collections. As these appliances are designed for commercial kitchens, they provide reliable and efficient foodservice tools needed to succeed.

Equip your food business today by choosing from our full offering of commercial kitchen supplies. AGC Equipment deals with top-quality manufacturers, and we are able to provide our customers with the most affordable pricing possible. Therefore, we can undoubtedly meet your goals and accommodate your budget.

Whether you are purchasing commercial kitchen equipment for a restaurant or other food-related business, we guarantee that you will get the appropriate product, at the best value for your money.

AGC Equipment is the one-stop source of restaurant equipment and supply fulfillment in Australia.