The Hoshizaki KM-115B ice machine produces up to 73kg of clear hard crescent ice a day and has a 45kg ice storage bin.

It includes a double-sided stainless steel evaporator, which requires fewer cycles to produce a full bin of ice, thereby reducing energy consumption. The CycleSaver® design allows our crescent ice makers to produce more ice, using less energy, while cycling 1/2 as many times as the competition

  • Self contained model
  • Crescent ice cube production
  • Production capacity: 73 kg per day
  • Storage capacity: 45 kg
  • Individual premium crescent cube with no ice bridging
  • Exceptionally hard crystal clear cubes that melt slowly
  • Durable stainless steel exterior
  • Slide in air filter at front for easy cleaning -maintaining performance efficiency
  • Double-sided stainless steel evaporator for all water conditions -produces more ice in less cycles
  • Flush mount to rear wall
  • Good in hard water areas
  • Snap in water tank design – easy to remove for sanitization
  • Low electrical consumption
  • Low water consumption
  • LED lights and audible alarms
  • Dimensions: W: 612 x D: 712 x H: 992mm ( Height includes 152mm legs)
  • Weight: 82 Kg
  • Power: Single phase, 10Amp
  • Warranty: 3 year parts and labour warranty on entire unit